We exist to help you make a place for your organisation, product, or service. A place in the market which is articulate, relevant and different. A place in people’s minds which is honest and meaningful. A place in the visual world which is unique and considered. A place with a strong identity.

Through crafting your brand and solving your design problems, DAMS will help build insight into your market, your competition, your audience, and provide the means to gain advantage, raise profile and communicate effectively. Enabling your customers or audience to better identify with and understand ‘who’ you are or ‘what’ you offer.

Our approach is defined by the undertaking of research and analysis, development of concept and strategy, and translation of ideas into unique brand experiences and design solutions that respond to audience, location and purpose.

The result we aim for is bettering the competition, serving the audience more effectively, and creating the best chance at business, cultural or communication success.

Who we are

DAMS is led by Mike Jackson, whom has over seventeen years experience working in branding and design for leading firms in both London and Sydney, and has helped create globally leading brands, and delivered projects in countries worldwide. This makes DAMS the most richly experienced graphic design branding creative agency in Canberra.

DAMS is a multi-disciplinary, creatively driven design studio with a reputation for strategically minded design solutions and rigorous visual execution. DAMS is linked to a network of professionals around the country and abroad, and is focused on providing design services locally and nationally.


A graphic design creative agency. Brand identity, brand and creative strategy, art direction, website design, campaign creative, annual reports and literature, environmental, exhibition and wayfinding design, graphic design, motion graphics, publishing and packaging.

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